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Smokey Apple Mustard

A whole grain mustard that is Smokey, sweet and hot.. but not too hot. 

Goes well with:

JamonTickler Cheddar and almost any type Sausage (Chorizo is always a winner) 

Wine Pairing Notes: 

From our friends at Unfussy Wine 

With the SmokeyApple Mustard we picked wines that allow the tangy nature shine through with wine pairings. We went with a medium bodied reds to balance out the mustards vinegarier side. We love Cab Franc so that was an easy choice and while tasting with Jamon and Chorizo we went to Spain as another good pairing with Rioja (Tempranillo) and Mencia from Bierzo.

Cabernet Franc:

Tinhorn Creek Cabernet Franc

Santa Ana La Mascota Cabernet Franc

Saumur Les Espinats

Featherstone Cabernet Franc

Zuccardi Q Cabernet Franc


Rioja / Mencia;

Marques de Caceres Rioja Crianza

Marques de Rizcal Rioja Reserva

Abad Dom Bueno Mencia

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