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Sour Cherry Compote 

Sour then sweet, then savoury. This is not your average compote.


Goes well with:

Double Cream BrieCamembert, Stilton or any Blue Cheese.

Wine Pairing Notes: 

From our friends at Unfussy Wine 

This is delicious with a double cream brie and with the sweetness of the cherries we wanted to pair it with something that had some acid but continued the cherry flavours.  Pinot Noir and Gamay Noir are both light enough and full of cherries to balance the sweetness and cut through the sugar of the compote.


Pinot Noir:

Meiomi Pinot Noir

Stoneleigh Pinot Noir

Angel’s Gate Pinot Noir

Louis Latour Pinot Noir


Beaujolais / Gamay Noir:

Jadot Combe aux Jacques Beaujolais Villages

Road 13 Gamay Noir

Frogpond Farm Organic Gamay Noir

Tawse Gamay Noir

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