This is your perfect Charcuterie Tasting Flight. SERIOUSLY.


Mix and match your favourite condiments together, grab a serving board and add cheese, bread, pickles... whatever you like, and voila! Instant crowd pleaser, date night or feast for one! 


Head to our Pairings section for more ideas on what works best! 


Onion Jam

Ingredients: Onions, Brown Sugar, White Sugar, Red Wine, Balsamic Vinegar, Salt & Pepper


Smokey Apple Mustard

Ingredients: Mustard Seed, Apple Cider Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Apple Juice, Spices


Sour Cherry Compote

Ingredients: Sour Cherries, Sugar, Spices, Constarch


Blueberry Earl Grey Compote

Ingredients: Blueberries, Organic Sugar Cane, Lemon juice and Bergamont flavouring 


Spicy Hot Honey

Ingredients:  Canadian Grade A Honey, Apple Cider Vinegar, Chili Flakes and Spices



    • 4 x 125 ml reusable glass jars of your condiment picks 
    • Each kit comes with a pairing inspiration and curated playlist 
    • Just place alongside your feast and enjoy